Brain Mechanisms of Pain & Health Lab

Director: Dr. Fadel Zeidan

Department of Anesthesiology

Center for Mindfulness

University of California San Diego


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What We Do

The subjective experience of pain is multidimensional and is modulated and constructed by a constellation of interactions between sensory, cognitive, and affective factors, rendering the treatment of clinical pain challenging and often a financial burden. The central objective of our research is to identify the specific mechanisms supporting the cognitive regulation of pain and health.  We also are primarily focused on assessing the processes supporting cost-effective, non-pharmaocological approaches to pain relief such as mindfulness meditation.  We combine validated psychophysical, psychological, pharmacologic, and neuroimaging methodologies to best determine how cognitive techniques such as placebo, mindfulness meditation, expectations, beliefs, and other cognitive manipulations impact experimentally-induced and clinical pain.


Dr. Zeidan's discussion with the Dalai Lama

Dr. Zeidan's TEDx Emory presentation

Dr. Zeidan's feature on Redesign My Brain

Dr. Zeidan's presentation at the 2014 NIH Research Consortium

  • November, 2016 ~ Fadel Zeidan was invited to personally present his research on mindfulness and pain to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at the 2016 International Conference on Science and Buddhism (first video). 

  • February, 2016 ~ Fadel's TEDx EmoryTalk (second video), "A Different Approach to Pain Management: Mindfulness Meditation," at Emory University.

  • June, 2015 ~ Fadel briefly appeared on the Aussie TV series, Redesign My Brain, (third video).

  • May, 2014 ~ Fadel's 2014 Mitchell Max Award talk at the NIH (fourth video).